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ineedyouyouyou's Journal

I'm on the night train ready to crash and burn!
Heyaa everyone
I’m rose I’m 17 and I’m from Newport well south Wales :)
I have an eating disorder well EDnos
It differs from anorexia to binge eating to bulimic ( laxatives and exercise ) I would say atm its more binge eating :(
I love love love to sing it's really the only thing that makes me properly happy but at the same time it make me really upset
I also have a sent fascination over food I love to cook, I could cook for ages but I can’t touch the food
I am a self-oriented perfectionists (expect perfection of themselves), other-oriented perfectionists (demand perfection from other people), and socially prescribed perfectionists (think others expect perfection from them). I can be really hard sometimes but it's ok
In the next 2-4 years I would love to move to New York and perso my ambition to be a singer or I would also like to be dance teacher
I do not take nicely to nasty people so if you’re going to comment please be nice
anyway i think thats all for now