I'm on the night train ready to crash and burn!

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heya all


heyaa everyone
sorry i haven't been on in so long
well anyways i know it's kind of lame me posting this because well like i just said i haven't not been on in so long but anyways here it goes
i'm taking a break
i really really need to get things under control again, i've been so stressing lately which of couse in turns makes me binge which of couse makes everything a million times worse and every thing seems to be piling up on me and i've gained HUGH-LE and i've been feeling really low and stupid me went and quit one of my college course the other day
but i've been thinking about quitting college lately i really really want to go travelling the whole world and well make a differnces and help people and that and well expericens the world and i know this might sound a bit strange but i'm going to die young ... i know it sounds strange but for some reason for about 6 months i've had a feeling that i'm going to die when i'm about 32-35 years old and i know, no one really knows when they are going to die but what if i do die young but of course as my mam would say 'how can you' because of course the thing that everything comes down to ... money
oh fab just great money money money, the in my eyes the worse possible thing in the world but yet again the best thing in the world the thing most people desire to have
oh crap sorry for my little rant guys and girless
i really need to get out of this disaster pit that has been of my life
 and to make matters worse i have no clue how i'm going to make it though easter : /
stay strong for me please
i promise i wont be long ok sweeties
lotes of love and support rose


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