I'm on the night train ready to crash and burn!

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tomorrow's plan

Under 500 calories and a minimum of 6 bottles of water

Plan for tomorrow

Get up at half past 6 / 7

Do 50 sit-ups, 50 crunches

Gave shower, get ready etc

Go down stairs have a cup of hot water and lemon

Wash up the dishes (if these any to be washed)

Finish getting ready

Go food shopping, buy the last of the Easter eggs

Go home tidy bedroom / get ready for gym

Go on lj for a few minuters

Have an apple and a banana 166 calories

Go to gym burn a minimum of 400 calories

Get a DVD from blockbusters

5pm: take skin tablet

Gulp down 2 bottles of water

Take make-up off and have a hot bath


Tidy bedroom again

Have a little snack maybe 140 calories

Work – out for 2 hours walking on the spot

Do some crunches, jacknots, push-ups and leg kicks squats

Does tomorrow’s meal plan

Get ready for bed; go to bed at around 10:30



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