I'm on the night train ready to crash and burn!

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diet plan for tomorrow

Wednesday's diet

Breakfast about half past 7 100 grapes 100 calories 1 apple 80 calories

Snack after college about 1 o clock 100 grapes 100 calories 1 banana 100 calories

Dinner about 5 o clock half can of soup 115 calories 1 piece of brown bread 85 calories

Total 580 calories

Maybe gym if so burn 400 calories

About 6 bottles of water some squash

2-3 green teas

i also got tones of homework to do
which will poubs tack my 3 hours to do : /

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This sounds a lot similar to my meals and calorie intake too. I'm getting to the point where I'm plateauing with my weight because I've been working out.. and muscle mass is heavier than fat so the numbers on my scale aren't budging, BUT I feel lighter! I guess we've got to keep this up to start seeing the visible results.

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