I'm on the night train ready to crash and burn!

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todays a new day : )
heyaa girless
ok so wow after lastnights binged i'm determined to make this week / month / year a good one i will not spend all year and espically all summer feeling low and in the dumps NO WAY
ok so i woke up this morning about an hour ago 6 : 30 and some how i felt totally refreshed and i thought todays going to be a good day yes todays going to be fab : )
and my mams going out today poubly all day so yay i got the whole day to myself to exercise ; )
i cant wait
and i got a babysitting job so i will be babysitting every monday tuesday friday well about 3-5 times a week : ) yayy hopefully i can get some new scales then fingers crossed
oww yes and this is a few goal weights for my next week
this morning weight : 126
by wednesday the 24th = 120 pounds
by sunday the 28th= 117 pounds
and by sunday the 4th= 110 pounds
hopefully i can make all of them and then i will be setting some more lol
umm and ok so this is my meal plan for the day :
tea and 15 grapes
2 bottles of water
a green tea
another bottle of water
around 2pm 1 glass of hot water and lemon
1 yogurt
some more water
1 more yogurt
and some more tea
and 1 more glass of hot water and lemon
i hope today just all goes to plan
anyways i'm off
i got piles of coursework to do and plus i'm going to watch a 'morning thinspo' to kick start my day lol
kisses all
stay strong
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heyaa sweetie
um yee it's only because i've binged the past two days but on monday i'm starting the 2468 diet so i got to get my control levals back up and i want to get down to my goal weights
oh did you ? i love babysitting i get paid and i wont have to eat anything so thats another bonus lol
ps i love your photo :) effy lol
how are you ?

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